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Niger, People of the world - Photography

Niger – La terre inconnue

Niger ā€“ a forgotten country. A land lost in time, ancient, rich in culture and tradition.
A nation of subsistence farmers and herders, underdeveloped, out of touch with the world. Nevertheless, a country that I deeply enjoyed.. might be especially for that!


These are my letters to you

These are my letters to you.
They are written in the brown earth of my eyes.
These are my hopes and my dreams.
These are my stories.

A traveller from a distant land came to my village once. In my hands I held many Edens. They were made of red sand, bathed in sun for a thousand years. I offered my Edens to the traveller.
She said she heard the whisper of the elephants. Their footsteps echoed in the dust of her searching soul.
She saw prayers that have not been answered.
Songs that have not been sung.
Hopes that have not been born.

Their whisper is mine.
Their songs are mine.
Their prayers are mine.
These are my letters to you.

by Lina Petkova


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About mandy's photography

www.thefoodpilgrims.com Two travelling girls, one with passion for photography, the other with passion for writing.


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