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We moved ! Join us on http://thefoodpilgrims.com

Dear friends, We are very glad to let you know that we decided to move to a new location, with the same name, but with a self hosted website. We realized that this way we can be much more creative in the content of our blog and we can share more things with you. If … Continue reading

Find your perfect accommodation worldwide

You are short on the budget but you would like to go on holiday with your family to an amazing place? Stay away from the classic hotels and discover a different way of enjoying your holiday even more. Free accommodation worldwide Do you know you can stay in this place for free?? Seriously… you can! … Continue reading

Orang Asli of Malaysia

Orang Asli of Malaysia– Sons of the soil Orang Asli refers to the indigenous people of peninsular Malaysia who are not Malay muslims- Malaysia’s biggest ethnic group. The Orang Asli ancestors settled on the Malay Peninsula long before the predecessors of contemporary Malays. Nevertheless, many of the statesmen of the country today claim that people … Continue reading

Moroccan Treasures

Discover the treasures of this unique place, traveling from sea to high mountains and desert dunes. Along the way, visit modern cities, historic medinas and villages, Portuguese fishing towns, and ancient archaeological sites. Explore Morocco’s intricate Islamic architecture, the fascinating kasbah, colorful medinas and ancient cities, Roman ancient ruins. Ride a camel, dine in a tapestry-lined Berber tent. Journey through … Continue reading