About us
2008. A Beirut-iful summer.This is where and when our journey began. Even before we met face to face, we felt that this would be a faithful encounter! With time our adventure keeps ripening, blossoming, evolving and spanning across many continents.
Mandy is a faithful lover of photography, a distinguished “international explorer” (although no expeditions are bearing her name yet 🙂 ) and someone who cares deeply what happens in the world.
At times you can cross paths somewhere along the dusty roads of Africa, where she strives to promote and support fair and democratic principles.
Other times you will almost not see her behind her camera, threading the paved streets of our so called civilization and discovering the little truths in life, woven in the doors of a temple or steaming seductively from a colorful meal.
Lina is all made up of words.
Sometimes they take over her mind, her soul, her entire being so thank God for inventing meditation and blogs so that these cheeky little words can be sent off to work!
She likes travel, Mandy’s photography, old books from the library, animals and the yoga life style and philosophy.

What is the difference between a tourist and a pilgrim?

Both are on a journey. Whereas a tourist is satisfying the senses, a pilgrim is in the quest for truth. A tourist gets tired and tanned, while a pilgrim sparkles with spirit. Every move a pilgrim makes is with sacredness and gratitude, while a tourist is often preoccupied and unaware. A tourist compares with other experiences and places and hence is not in the present moment. But a pilgrim has a sense of sacredness, so he tends to be in the present moment.

Most people in life are just tourists without even being aware of it. Only a few make their life a pilgrimage.

Tourists come, look around, take pictures in their mind, only to come back again. Pilgrims are at home everywhere and are hollow and empty. When you consider life as sacred, nature waits on you.

And thus, we define ourselves as pilgrims.

We are two pilgrims to love, truth and beauty and we yearn for a life that is unconventional, bright, creative and unrestricted by the matrix of today’s societies. We are both followers and leaders of the art of non-conformity. We like to think outside the box, the frame and everything that puts us in a mold.

The food elementis no less important. We discover countless secrets through the food of a place-somehow it carries its very soul. So we are paying its due homage. Sometimes we love it, other times we love it more but we always learn some precious knowledge from it!

Here, we invite you to join us on our wondrous journeys to many different corners of the world and to listen to our thoughts which we hope will resonate somewhere in the depths of your own soul; this is the most beautiful spot in the universe.

This is a place you can come where everything is beautiful. Tourists go from place to place looking for beauty. They try to take beauty from that place. They only get tired and tanned. Yet the most beautiful spot anywhere is right here.

When you come here, you find that wherever you are, everything is so beautiful. Where is this place? Don’t look here and there. Where do you go? Within you. When you come here, then any place is beautiful. Then wherever you go, you add beauty there. If you are unhappy, even the moon is irritating to you. Sweet things are nauseating, music is disturbing. When you are calm and centred inside, noise is musical, clouds are magical, rain is liquid sunshine.

Book yourself on a trip to this most beautiful place in the universe. Then you find that every day is a vacation and a celebration! Do we ever get tired, you may ask? Yes, sometimes we do; everything in the world might tire you except one thing-love. That is the end, that is home.

What puts us on the road is wanting to enjoy.

What brings us home is being in love.

Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you will become a frequent pilgrim with us!



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