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We moved ! Join us on http://thefoodpilgrims.com

Dear friends, We are very glad to let you know that we decided to move to a new location, with the same name, but with a self hosted website. We realized that this way we can be much more creative in the content of our blog and we can share more things with you. If … Continue reading

Orang Asli of Malaysia

Orang Asli of Malaysia– Sons of the soil Orang Asli refers to the indigenous people of peninsular Malaysia who are not Malay muslims- Malaysia’s biggest ethnic group. The Orang Asli ancestors settled on the Malay Peninsula long before the predecessors of contemporary Malays. Nevertheless, many of the statesmen of the country today claim that people … Continue reading

Moroccan Treasures

Discover the treasures of this unique place, traveling from sea to high mountains and desert dunes. Along the way, visit modern cities, historic medinas and villages, Portuguese fishing towns, and ancient archaeological sites. Explore Morocco’s intricate Islamic architecture, the fascinating kasbah, colorful medinas and ancient cities, Roman ancient ruins. Ride a camel, dine in a tapestry-lined Berber tent. Journey through … Continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI leaves the Vatican…

From now on “just a simple pilgrim”……….. Leaving the Vatican City with words full of love, faith and humanity, he becomes the most humble of all the pilgrims. The sound of all Rome church bells filled the air of this magical afternoon….. An example, a lesson and a historical day to be remembered. Una giornata di … Continue reading

One month in Paraguay – the next adventure

Coming soon…. Embark with us in a journey to discover the “heart” of South America, Paraguay, a destination off the beaten track with a rich history and culture. 


Welcome to the Heart of Darkness Much has been said and written about the Zaire, the present Democratic Republic of Congo. Nevertheless, pictures showing the beauty of the place are not very often encountered. Below, a gallery of images from mainly the Bas Congo Province( former Bas-Zaire Province). At the time of the independence of … Continue reading

Tarocco – the Sicilian red orange

If one passes by Italy, then must try the most fabulous oranges – the Tarocco oranges, or the Red Oranges of Sicilly from December to February. Outstanding flavor, rich and fragrant, also with the highest vitamin C level of all orange varieties. There’s also an online store, of a local farm that produces them and … Continue reading

Central Market of Kuala Lumpur

Inside the Kuala Lumpur’s 1928 fabulous Central Market, at the first floor on your left, you will discover  a historical place that sells really exquisite SouthEast Asian food. It is  the Precious Old China restaurant & bar. Click on the pictures for the gallery mode.

Niger – La terre inconnue

Niger – a forgotten country. A land lost in time, ancient, rich in culture and tradition. A nation of subsistence farmers and herders, underdeveloped, out of touch with the world. Nevertheless, a country that I deeply enjoyed.. might be especially for that! These are my letters to you These are my letters to you. They … Continue reading

Senegal – Dakar Useful Tips

Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, nestled along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, offers even to the most pretentious traveller a great shopping adventure! What to drink Dare to try the famous bissap drink – a fresh cold tea infusion made from the dried red flowers of Hibiscus sabdariffa, a variation of the hibiscus plant, boldly mixed … Continue reading